^oh my, that rhymes! first impression?

sup? i'm riz.
designin' + web devin'

  • 👉 final year comp sci student @ NTU
  • 👉 junior designer (PT) @ JH
  • 👉 co-founder of ProjectFunction
  • 👉 sharing a #NuggetOfJoy, daily
  • 👉 public speaker + poet + podcaster

time now for a
three-parter opening.
let’s get acquainted,
shall we?

“I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal

Tryin’ to reach my goal, my power of speech: unimpeachable”

- Hamilton, My Shot


After a 5-min Lightning Talk at Tech Nottingham in 2016 on Club Penguin, I've gradually built-up my Speaking experience. You might have found me infront of the Women in Tech Nottingham audience (reading a poem penned for the occasion once and then again), or opening the brilliant New Adventures 2019 conference with a poem on Wonder, overlooking a crowd that could fill multiple buses (mind=blown!).

All in all, Speaking gives me great joy especially when I can bring together my poetry and wit, to form talks that people can laugh or relate to. If that sounds like something your meetup/conference/stage could do with, I'm happy to discuss over pretend coffee and an email.

Rizwana Khan opened the day with a truly beautiful poem, one that—in hindsight—drew a perfect, unbroken line through each of our talks.

- Ethan Marcotte, Web Designer

[Riz is] a fantastically talented woman set for great things.

- Daniel Westlake, Managing Director

“We’re finally on the field, we’ve had quite a run.

Immigrants: we get the job done.”

- Hamilton, Yorktown


To put simply: I can design and code.
I can’t, however, claim to be a unicorn IRL. 🦄

I’ve strived to benefit from the learnings of actually working in the Industry. Thus, the past (nearly) 15 months of combined experience at two agencies, Cursor and JH, have been crucial for my self-development, in every regard.

BTW, as a third-culture adult, I’ve grown up greatly valuing diverse work environments and will always stand for, and behind, spaces where ‘people whom may be seen as outsiders are given centre stage’. That's the crucial bit.

“Look around, look around at how lucky we are

to be alive right now”

- Hamilton, That Would Be Enough


You’ll find me chasing after stuff that makes the heart sings on a regular basis. In doing so, I’ve had some great many wonderful experiences. To name but a few:

1. Co-founding Project Function - from a notion to reality. Currently, in its 3rd cohort of students, #PFNotts has go from strength to strength from the very beginning.

2. Attending Tech Community events - More than just the free pizza, these events have graciously provided an invaluable sense of Community and Comradery in the Tech world. To be able to attend them has been a constant source of delight.

Must-mentions: @TechNotts, @WiTNotts, @dxnevent

3. Rambling on my podcast, Rizamblings - After THAT penguin Lightning talk, my ramblings have further been amplified through podcasting (Rizamblings, succinctly defined, as: 'Riz rambles. That's it that's the description').

Life’s too short; I try to make the most of every opportunity.