Finding Joy 🐠

single yellow flower on a black and white background

It’s especially difficult to figure out what to write or talk about when there’s a pandemic happening and we’ve all been mostly stuck at home, our usual routines made meaningless and the fragility of life is brought to the forefront. The importance of things that were once all-too-important seem to have slipped into a past memory and I find myself particularly both worried and relaxed in a contradictory concoction of a mood.

As some of you may know, for the past few months, I’ve been busy balancing multiple life things alongside final year of university. I had a few coursework deadlines that I continued to fret over completing even when the virus seemed to become a real thing here in the UK, and the importance of staying to the haven of your home became apparent. In a very short time, my final year at university had come to an abrupt end. And while there is still more time before I officially graduate, having to say goodbye to my university pals without actually having said goodbye is a farewell no one could have predicted. Yet, this little grief is nothing compared to the insurmountable grief felt by those losing farther, losing faster in hospitals and homes all around the world.

Thus, in an effort to run towards something that was within my control (and to take my mind off things), I began to cherish the insignificant bits of joy — a #NuggetOfJoy, if you will — sharing one every day.

I’m sure, this isn’t super revolutionary by any means. Humankind has had to deal with heartbreak and happiness since forever and will continue to do so long after everything. For now, I’m willing to navigate the terrain of feelings more openly, for my own sake. (You can read these daily on my twitter, until I’ve completed squashing bugs on a dedicated page here on my website.)

I thank the people in my life for the strength of my otherwise feeble heart. I do not know how long these will go on, but I will continue to be honest.

I hope you are well, safe, and continue to be kind in these times.

Until next time.


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