Tomorrow's A New Day

people walking in the street

(Nottingham-famous, Tom Jepson, has laid out a challenge to create content, daily, for the month of December. This is day three. #Dec19ContentChallenge )

I feel as if I’m merely floating through some days,

Moving, in some direction, without my feet choosing their steps? Take for instance, this bus ride. The only static figure, in this moment — my brain has conjured up — to be me, whilst the scenery zooms past the windows.

I remember as a kid, reading a book at school that had aliens. It depicted our norms from the point of view of someone visiting planet Earth for the first time from outer space; cars moving were compared to little beetles, people became no more than spots, buildings probably were a set of boxes, and so on. I don’t recall much of the story. All that I have either imagined, or correctly remembered, is recognizing the sense of awe of our foreign visitors.

For how simple the source of abundant wonder: zoom out enough until the we are all texture?! All afloat, in some order. ever feel as if you’re merely floating through some days, too?

Until next time.


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