That it's the start of something new

notebook in lamplight

(Nottingham-famous, Tom Jepson, has laid out a challenge to create content, daily, for the month of December. This is day one. #Dec19ContentChallenge )

I’ve began and failed, already. It’s 5 minutes past 1AM on Sunday night (or is it Monday morning?), which means it’s Dec 2nd, if we’re being super technical. To send out into the world one piece of content that you’ve created sounds pretty doable, no? I mean, there’s worse challenges faced by people all around the world than one such as this one, where the repercussions for failing are non-existent.

18 minutes later, and sleep has kind of made blinking a chore, now. Truthfully, I blame the thought process that led itself into the HQ of my brain; “why don't I spend 20 minutes making a custom GIF for this post?”, I thought naively.

What else is one to do at midnight?

See, committing to a regular hustle is a sprint I have some familiarity running (do you run a sprint or sprint a sprint? My brain is a curious, simpleton), shall we say.

When I decided to draw every day, for an year, back in March of 2015, I hadn’t even considered how long a year can seem. To put aside enough time to pick up a blank canvas and to fill it, regardless of how rapidly the weather inside the confines of your brain happens to fluctuate, is best understood in retrospect. Fast-forward to a day in 2016 a whole year later, and I had done it…kind of.

story of progression announcement

A complete retelling of this experience would mean I keep writing till morning. Thus, I hope you accept my hasty transition into telling you about the time I got given an empty notebook and made up my mind to write, by hand, every day.

Said notebook has never been written on for more than 1/4th its total pages.

What is it about words on paper?

You and I seem to have met at not such a great time. The weight of all the alarms awaiting to ring in the morning is heavy on the feathered nature of good writing.

We have a month to get through. I’ll catch you later.

Until next time.


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