Rizidual#01: On Women's Day

riz holding a mic

"Residual is used to describe what remains of something when most of it has gone." Rizidual is what's left over after I'm done trying to write.

The ritual of pouring your mind onto a blank word doc is one I come back to frequently. Amid a life that is seems to be many tasks in succession needing your attention, it’s comforting having some time where this is no agenda, no rush; the free form nature of intentionally having nothing to write on and letting the act of writing become your focus is some form of healing. Thus, Reader, I’m back with another aimless post (and a very first Rizidual).

Today (technically yesterday, it’s past midnight at the moment) was International Women’s Day. And my twitter timeline was brimming with all these incredible tweets about, and by, incredible women. Truly, the internet basking in positivity and empowerment makes for a special place.

In the past, all throughout my (angsty) teens, I’ve not necessarily had visibility of the day until very recently. I suppose, growing up to become a part of the Tech industry (that is so clearly in need of better representation), I see now, better than ever before, how the efforts and accomplishments of women are easy to be ignored and unvalued, swept under this ever-growing rug.

And I guess, while it’s important to champion the wins by all these amazing women, let’s not forget the women who live with struggles so paramount, their plight worse than anything we could even begin to fathom. For all the wins that this unjust burden of merely existing doesn’t let them avail, doesn’t let them thrive. It’s important – and this is the least any of us can do – to not forget them, especially when a feeling of helplessness weighs heavy.

Tomorrow begins another week.

Monday already peeks from the corners of this page.

Until next time.


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